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Monthly Archives: May 2009

combine 2 wireless router on 1 network


answer from TechRepublic:

  • Turn off DHCP server on router1
  • Set router1 router LAN IP to an IP that is outside of the DHCP range of the router2, but within same subnet. For instance if router2 begins DHCP IP addresses to your PCs at, then you could safely set the router1 LAN IP to
  • Conform the SSID and encryption settings on the router1 to those of the router2. I am not clear on whether you should use a different channel for each, or the same, as I have read conflicting information on this!
  • cable from router2 LAN port to router1 LAN Port (yes you read this right! LAN to LAN). You may need a crossover cable tor this to work.
  • You now have ONE network that has two access points on the same subnet, and with the same SSID, which means you can roam freely between the two access points , without reestablishing the wireless connection! You will not use subnets, nor would I recommend it!



Add vista to network and sharing files


Mula-tamat: 4.30pm-4.55pm

  • A: Maintenance;
  • B: Services;
    • Network and general troubleshooting – 1 pc
      • sharing and add vista laptop on a network.
      • sharing files from and too vista units.
  • C: Hardware installations;
  • D: Others;
  • E: Additional Charges;

Businees Card


on progress…

negotiating and submit design to TIC and submit for printing.



  1. P – ytnk.

Site visit: networking for small office


on progress…

Lawatan lokasi small networking (2-10 pc) + 1 network printer.

  • currently connecting to internet using other rooms wireless router.
  • wanted to add another LAN for internal use.
  • Needed extra hardware to network all pc
    • switch or
    • hub or
    • Wireless routers with LAN port ( highly recommended)
      • for future use as theres only 2 pc using wired, others is laptop that is connected  via wireless.

reference :

onsite: wpa connections failure on windows xpsp2


Mula-tamat: 2.02pm – 3.45pm

  • on-site status check on yesterday network troubleshooting.
  • consult on computer services and problems.
    • annoying hardware notifications; bluetooth and webcam on DELL.
    • genuine activations.
    • pc performance.
    • format and backup.
    • wifi connections failure to WPA & WPA2 from windows xp. <— click to read the full articles. Credit to the actual owner, extracted was parts of the articles, by default;
      • Windows XP does not has native support for WPA in Windows XP (which only added via KB815485 WPA support patch and via Service Pack 2), and no native support for WPA2 until Windows XP SP3.
      • To verify that the unable or cannot connect to the wireless network is indeed cause by lack of support in Windows XP, right click on the Network Connections icon on the system tray (notification area), then go to Wireless Network tab.
      • Select or manually add in the SSID for the wireless network, then click on Data Encryption option.
      • If Windows XP supports WPA and WPA2, you will see its options appear in the drop-down list, in addition to usual WEP.
      • To let Windows XP pre-SP2 system provides support for WPA WiFi network security encryption method, download and install KB815495 (KB article), or upgrade to Windows XP SP2.
      • To provides operating system support for WPA2, download and install the newer KB917021 Wireless Client Update for Windows XP with Service Pack 2 (validation required at Microsoft Download Center, or user can direct download the WindowsXP-KB917021-v3-x86-ENU.exe) or older KB893357 Wi-Fi Protected Access 2 (WPA2) and Wireless Provisioning Services Information Element (WPS IE) update for Windows XP SP2 (validation required at Microsoft Download Center, or user can direct download the WindowsXP-KB893357-v2-x86-ENU.exe) or more recommended, upgrade to Windows XP SP3, which now incorporates the WPA2 hotfix and implements the WPA2 IEEE 802.11i wireless networking standard natively.
      • After installing the WPA and/or WPA2 support into Windows XP and restarting the computer, if the system has a client wireless card with WPA/WPA2-capable firmware and WPA/WPA2 drivers, Wireless Zero Configuration (WZC) displays a WPA2 designation when user view the available wireless networks. For example, Security-enabled wireless network (WPA) and Security-enabled wireless network (WPA2), instead of just plain “Security-enabled wireless network”.
      • link: http://compnetworking.about.com

repair software: pdf,idm outdated


Mula-tamat: 12.00pm – 1.30 pm

  • Repair and install pdfcreator to intergrate with company database.
  • repair software failure on 1 laptop.

PDF cretor for vista


Masalah bagi kebanyakan computer yang running vista di komputer mereka. mereka bermasalah untuk mencari pdf creator yang sesuai bg mereka. kebanyakannya sukar dan tidak dikenalpasti oleh vista sebagai valid applications. Gunakan yang dibawah sebagai alternatif.


Disable login/logon window


Ada permintaan dari client yang inginkan windows login/logon window yang keluar di awal2 tetingkap, kebanyakannya kata tidak perlu dan leceh… sila ikut arahan dibawah sekiranya andapun setuju dengan mereka, cubalah… dont worry u can still enable it back in the future.

  • Start -> Run -> type ” control userpasswords2 “
  • pilih mana-mana user yang anda ingin jadikan automatik login.
  • untick user must enter username and password…
  • apply

Link rujukan:



Mula-Tamat: 4.30 pm – 5.00 pm


  • cooling Pad