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combine 2 wireless router on 1 network


answer from TechRepublic:

  • Turn off DHCP server on router1
  • Set router1 router LAN IP to an IP that is outside of the DHCP range of the router2, but within same subnet. For instance if router2 begins DHCP IP addresses to your PCs at, then you could safely set the router1 LAN IP to
  • Conform the SSID and encryption settings on the router1 to those of the router2. I am not clear on whether you should use a different channel for each, or the same, as I have read conflicting information on this!
  • cable from router2 LAN port to router1 LAN Port (yes you read this right! LAN to LAN). You may need a crossover cable tor this to work.
  • You now have ONE network that has two access points on the same subnet, and with the same SSID, which means you can roam freely between the two access points , without reestablishing the wireless connection! You will not use subnets, nor would I recommend it!



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