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Mula-tamat:  11.00 am – 1.00pm, 02.22pm – 06.30pm

Setup, terminations and  configures  Network for 5pc, 1 network printer.

  • working together with network printer supplier to configured their printer for sharing.
  • as internet connections is taken from AP located on others network, until they setup their own internet connections, they have to disable the existing wired LAN to enable internet connections, actual reason for this is still understudy by us.

2 responses to “Networking

  1. Wiizau hellaS June 4, 2009 at 1:20 pm

    One of the cable had problem, terminations error. we repatch and problem solved.

  2. Wiizau hellaS June 10, 2009 at 1:26 pm

    Reconfigured one network printer pc, to enable direct print to printer without dependent to other pc’s.

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