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Monthly Archives: July 2009

Format acer Aspire 4310


  • Format mcm biasa.
  • Bermasalah pada driver;
    • Wireless;
      • menggunakan alternatif driver dari dell. rujuk post ini >>klikdid
    • Acer crystaleye webcam.
      • first you have to go to the stat bottom>all programs find the folder acer crysal web camera
        open it up and clik unistall.
      • open drive c>programs files,find the folder suyin. If is not there go to folder windows and delete it.
      • find your driver here>>acerSupport
        • still fail to detect the webcam after install using the xp driver for 4310.
        • able to detect, install and functioning normally when we use webcam driver xp pro x32 for Aspire 4230  (Camera_Suyin_5.8.48.501.1_XPx86_A).

Reference Link ;

create a bootble CD

How to create your own bootble xpcd. Read the article link. full article link >> old.bink.nu

Alternatively you can use nlite ( pc running xp) or vlite (pc running vista) to create a bootble cd+driver. Normally nlite and vlite is used to intergrate SATA/RAID driver in order to able to install windows xp on a SATA/RAID harddisk computer, this is a case that windows xp installations did not support SATA/RAID.

Faster shutdown for Vista/xp

We used to tweak XP to speedup the shutdown time. Actually in Windows Vista we can also apply a little tweak to reduce the ammount of time Vista takes to shutdow/ reboot by doing the following:

Note: Create a system Restore Point before doing anything else. Modifying the registry can cause your system to crash, Use it at your own risk, I am not responsable for any damage this may cause to our system, so create a restore point, backup, etc.

Open Regedit (WINDOWS KEY + R on your keyboard, or by clicking Start/Run) and type “regedit” without quotes.

Navigate to


On the right panel look for the

“WaitToKillServiceTimeout” string and change it value to 1000 by right clicking the string and selecting Modify…

Default Value WaitToKillServiceTimeout=20000
Modified value WaitToKillServiceTimeout=1000

laptop baru


Mula-tamat: 8.00pm – 8.00 am


  • Laptop acer aspire 4535.
  • install OS.
  • Install utility software.
  • Tweak for optimum performance.
  • running test for performance wise.

Delivery, installation and setup of webcam,Power supply,RAM & LCD monitor


Mula-tamat: 3.30 pm – 5.00pm

  • Delivery order.
  • Installation and setup;
    • RAM – Norul, K.Ieda.
    • Webcam – Kak Ma, K.Siti, Norul.
    • Power Supply -Wanz.
    • LCD monitor-K.Siti.

cannot access all .exe files


Service No.: 2707-01

Mula-tamat: 10.00am – 1.00pm

  • PC Counter:
    • Cannot open almost all .exe executions file.
    • this is due to virus infections.
    • Install this registry fix >> kellys corner ( double click no.12 on the left table) and click on “EXE (lnk and regfile) Fix for Windows XP” to download a reg file. Save the REG File to your hard disk. Double click it and answer yes to the import prompt. use internet explorer to enable save the files.
    • clean leftover virus and malware using combofix.
    • did a performance tweak.
    • install new antivirus; avira.

Full article link >> computing.net

YM error 81003005/log-in ID, password invalid, error to open email login page

Internet is OK but

  • unable to connect to email login page ( yahoo, gmail etc…)
  • password error on YM.
  • Internet explorer becomes working offline due to internet dialing connection failure.

Normal solutions:

  1. Open your Internet Explorer
  2. Go to Tools > makesure the working offline is not ticked (if yes untick it)
  3. Go to Tools > Internet Options then click the Connections tab
  4. Click the LAN Settings button and a new dialog box will open
  5. At the new dialog box, look for the Proxy server checkbox, if this is checked, uncheck it.
  6. Then your done, click OK button for the dialog boxes.
  7. Try logging in to your Yahoo Messenger account.

Full article link >> http://www.fixya.com

Format pc, performance tweak


Service No.: 2607-01

  • KakMa
    • Mula-tamat : 10.30am-3.30pm
      • Full format.
      • Perfromance tweak.
    • Dell vostro 1200
      • YM login  and email account login error…. link to Solutions by klik
      • Performance tweak.
      • install Antivirus.
  • Ieda-Dell:
      • YM login  and email account login error.
  • siti:
    • Mula-tamat: 1.00pm-2.30pm
      • Performance tweak.
      • Install antivirus.
      • Troubleshoot on Auto shutdown when thumbdrive is disconnect from pc.
      • Reconfigure network.
  • Norul:
    • 240709
    • Mula-tamat: 12.30 pm- 3.30pm
  • Zairo:
    • Mula-tamat: 5.00 pm- 6.00pm
      • Performance tweak.
      • Registry repair.

Maintenance tweak


service No.: 2307-01

Mula-tamat: 12.30-2.30pm


  • Performance tweak.
  • Anti Virus installed.
  • Advisable to upgrade RAM as current is only 256Mb.

wireless conflict


Service No.: 2307-02

mula-tamat: 4.40pm-5.30pm

Desktop zue.

  • karspersky problem due to wireless conflict.
  • Repair wireless;
    • Disable using windows to configure  wireless network settting
    • use wireless adaptor wireless manager ( d-link).
  • Performance tweak.