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File backup n transfer, troubleshoot pc & PC reformat, network repair


Inv.No.: 0909-01-01 (03)

  • Pemasangan desktop pc baru.
  • client mahukan pemindahan data dari pc lama ke pc baru.
  • client juga mahukan pc lama di format semula, proses akan  dilakukan di premis client ( dijangkakan akan mengambil masa 2-3 hari).

Mula-tamat: 2.30pm – 4.30pm

  • 2 pc (Norul & K.siti).
  • pemasangan pc siti.
  • didapati tiada printer port untuk serial, client akan order pci card or usb converter.

020909; 10.30 am – 2.00pm

  • Pasang pc norul,
  • troubleshoot/Configure new laptop, zairo;
    • plugin error.
    • setup network printer.
  • Install antivirus antivir, firdaus.
  • Troubleshoot back light inverter problem;
    • reference link;
    • setup an alternative lcd panel using existing units.

050909; 10.00am – 5.00pm

  • Laptop Zairo;
  • Norul New desktop;
    • dot-matrix Printer port installations,setup and testing.
      • use lpt3 and driver panasonic kx-2130 as it is the compatability driver for kx-p1131 for MS vista.
    • File transfer and backup from old pc to new pc.
    • Network setup and rename computer names in vista.
  • k.siti New Desktop;
    • Dot -matrix printer port installations, setup and  testing.
    • network setup.

06.09.09 ; 2.30 pm -3.45pm

  • Pindahkan baki fail ke desktop br K.siti
  • Printer networking and sharing on k.siti
  • change wireless device on wanz.
  • tweak and repair windows activations notifications on wanz.

08.09.09 ; 2.00 pm – 4.30pm

  • Performance tweak and pc maintenance on old k.siti pc.
  • install ym on new desktop k.siti.

09.09.09 ; 12.30pm – 3.30pm

  • repair internet connections problem;
    • update router firmware for wrt54g v5.
    • set most of the computer to manual ip address; (defined based on phone line)
      • laptop en.azwan
      • laptop en.wanz
      • laptop en.dzul
      • laptop firdaus
      • desktop k.siti.
      • desktop norul
      • desktop fareha

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