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Monthly Archives: October 2009

MYOB verifications, cpu running, fan OK, beep sound but no display.



Mula-tamat: 1000 – 1315

  • MYOB network sharing testing from main pc to associates.
  • troubleshoo pc;
    • cpu running, Fan OK, NO beep sound but NO display
      • suspected memory or graphic failure.
      • reset bios jumper  – Fail.

on-site general pc assist


inv.No: cash

mula – tamat: 1303 – 1440

  • ym error on pc pok su;
    • i.e accidentally set to working offline, disable working offline and ym is good to go.
  • install additional software on poksu laptop;
    • install an outorun block.
    • install kamus.
    • simple tweaking.
  • repair printing problem on marini laptop.
    • print output become small ( 2pages in 1 sheet) – reset to default.

setup wireless adaptor,setup MYOB for 3 user, repair activex error



mula – tamat: 1600 – 1730

  • MYOB multiuser setup:
    • installing wireless adaptor and setup network – cash bills: 1009-28-01(4)
    • setup myob for 3 user;
      • make sure your myob is licenced to 3 users.
      • install to all pcs.
      • make sure file is shared for the user to acces from network.
      • login your id as ‘multi-user’ and connections type is the same (tcp/ip) while opening the networked files.
  • Repair system fault on bos pcs.
    • cannot add activex applications;
      • repair and reset windows internet explorer restrictions for activex for enabling access to desired applications remotely.

upgrade RAM, performance tweak



mula – tamat : 1135 – 1250

  • Add 1gb ram ddr1 on pc k.naini
    • previously was 1.25 gb with all 2 slot utilized (1gb+256mb).
    • currently running at 2.0 gb with all 2 slot utilized ( 1gb+1gb).
  • Add 1gb ram ddr2 on pc sblh k.naini
    • previously was 1 gb with all 2 slot utilized (512mb+512mb).
    • currently running at 1.5 gb with all 2 slot utilized ( 1gb+512mb).
  • Add existing ram ddr 256mb from pc k.naini on pc k.norida
    • previously was 512mb with all 1 slot utilized.
    • currently running at 767mb with all 2 slot utilized ( 256mb+512mb).

on-site discussion


mula – tamat: 1600 – 1645

  • Discussion on networking solutions to facilitate MYOB database setup and user excess;
    • the idea is to create a user access to the main computer where the database is located and apply a restricted acces area for them.
    • this will enable administrator to see the updates on real times .
    • database will be centralize hence made backup and maintenance process easier.
    • main concern is by using wireless adaptor as the networking structure, network availability is vitals.
    • already acquired a prolink-n, hopefully it will sufficient to facilitate the structure.

soft discussion


Mula – tamat: 1510 – 1550

  • Had a discussion with prospect clients on IT outsourcing posibility;
    • a brief idea on their current IT structure and near future planning.
    • their aspectations.
  • we will follow up  and set an on-site survey for feasibilty study and an ideas on how  we can serve them best.
  • Attention will be made on services terms such as payment term and services details.

Maintenance; keyboard caps missing, power adaptor problem.


Inv. No.:1009-29-01(1)

Repair and troubleshoot notebook  Acer Aspire 3623nwxci;

  • Keyboard text caps missing, replaced with another keyboard (refurbish units).
    • reassemble and testing with other compatible acer keyboard.
    • Add 1gb RAM.
    • download and backup driver for future installations.
  • Optimizing pc performance and tweaking.
    • Change Icon Labels to Make Them Transparent
    • install missing driver; modem ( from acer official websites)
    • install new antivirus and malware protections applications.
    • install office applications.
    • install cleaning applications.


  • standard keyboard and mouse quoted for missing units.

Setup new pc, repair windows component, repair viruses, assist on MYOB installations & setup


Inv. No.:

Mula – tamat : 1100 – 1730

New pc setup for K. Ida;

  • install extra software.
    • Office.
    • Printer
    • performance tweak.
    • new antivirus.


mula -tamat: 1100 – 1616

  • New PC K.Ida;
    • Forced to restore to DELL factory setting each times a usb wireless devices from previous pc is installed…
        • suspected cause;  incompatible hardware.
    • Rerinstall all new software intalled earlier.
    • performance and setup pc for networking
  • Resetup old pc k.Ida to BOSS.
    • Resetup and restructure software component.
    • Optimizing performance.

General troubleshoot;

  • Repair virus on DELL k.Ma.


  • Assisting kak ida on MYOB installation and sharing.
  • finalising pc BOSS.


network printer, pc diagnose


Mula – tamat: 1230 – 1545

Inv. No.:

  • PC Diagnose for RAM upgrade
  • network printer checking

PC looping on windows logo


Mula – tamat : 1345 – 1430

Inv. No.:0909-02-01(3)

  • repair using safemode to repair virus and system faulty.
  • restore default windows configurations.