On-Site I.T Services Blog

"let us asisst you…"

Setup new pc, repair windows component, repair viruses, assist on MYOB installations & setup


Inv. No.:

Mula – tamat : 1100 – 1730

New pc setup for K. Ida;

  • install extra software.
    • Office.
    • Printer
    • performance tweak.
    • new antivirus.


mula -tamat: 1100 – 1616

  • New PC K.Ida;
    • Forced to restore to DELL factory setting each times a usb wireless devices from previous pc is installed…
        • suspected cause;  incompatible hardware.
    • Rerinstall all new software intalled earlier.
    • performance and setup pc for networking
  • Resetup old pc k.Ida to BOSS.
    • Resetup and restructure software component.
    • Optimizing performance.

General troubleshoot;

  • Repair virus on DELL k.Ma.


  • Assisting kak ida on MYOB installation and sharing.
  • finalising pc BOSS.



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