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Monthly Archives: November 2009

ram and cmos battery faulty


inv. No.: 1109-04-02(3)

mula – tamat: 1145-1245

  • psu is running, mobo ok, no display ??
    • after grueling part testing;
      • ram faulty.
      • cmos battery problem.

creating mini page for iframe in services


mula-tamat: 1200 – 1600

  • creating mini page for iframe in services.
  • scope of work; all
  • facilities;  considering apply table to list the tools and equipment inventory.
  • copy,paste picture processes for inclusion in mini page.
  • give a slight differentiations for main pages; about, home, service,archive,contact. apply a different color code for menu.

page layout research n design; iframe, switchmenu


mula-tamat: 1450-1800, 2100-2359

  • adjust default layout by add minimun height for coloum to 400px.
  • add ie best view info 1280 x 800.
  • research for best layout for services pages;
    • ssi developer ( website development resources)
    • dynamicDrive (css scripts)
    • maintaining 3 coloum layout;
      • 1st ; list of services.
      • 2nd ; services brief info.
      • 3rd ; highlight gallery of services done.
    • switchmenu;
      • switchmenu link.
        • head script kena letak atas sekali kalau tk tk jadi.
        • body switchlink boleh diletakkan dimana yg kita nk.
        • stylesheet yg digunakan boleh diletakkan di stylesheet sedia ada.
      • iframe interactions.link
        • gunakan ini untuk meletakkan target frame.
        • jadikan satu template untuk services.

propose new design v5, updating…


mula – tamat : 1400 – 1600

  • propose new design v5.
  • updating minor menu adjustment on home ( add facilities)
  • repairing the incompatibility viewing on explorer and Mozilla.

add printer, troubleshoot laptop, reassemble pc



mula – tamat: 1400 – 1600

  • troubleshoot laptop fujitsu – power cord problem.
  • install network printer on laptop pak salleh.
  • propose new website design to en.syam.
  • reassemble pc ckj to staff.

ckjsb.website development


mula-tamat: 2000 – 2359, 0200-0808

  • add new javascript on home to show a snapshot on the services offered on mouse over link text.
  • javascript and css;
  • checking page validity on varius browser.
  • add marque text;

convert to .pdf and from .pdf files to .doc. tiff .jpg …

convert your files to .pdf online;

convert your file to lots of extension without to download a software;

restore and migrate your outlook express emails data to outlook2007

Follow the link for details+ilustrative on how to migrate from your existing outlook express to outlook 2007 without loosing your data.

  1. Open the Outlook 2007 Startup Wizard. Click Next.
  2. At the Account Configuration page, it reads “You can configure Outlook to Connect to Internet Email, Microsoft Exchange, or other Email server. Would you like to configure an Email account?” Select NO. Click Ne
  3. At the Cancel Configuration page, check the Continue with no email support checkbox. Click Finish.
  4. Outlook 2007 opens. Click on File, Import and Export.
  5. At the Import and Export Wizard, select Import Internet Mail and Addresses. Click Next.
  6. Select Outlook Express 4.x, 5.x, 6.x or Windows Mail. Check Import Mail and Import Address Book checkboxes. Click Next.
  7. At the Import Addresses dialog box, select Do not import duplicate items. Click Finish.
  8. Import Progress dialog bar appears.
  9. When Complete, Import Summary appears. Click OK.

link: Migrating from Outlook Express to Microsoft Outlook 2007.

spooler problem, install FMS



mula-tamat: 1530 – 1730

– printer spooler problem due too virus infections

  • printer ready but cant print due to spooler is not started.
    • after checking on services.msc – spooler already started.
  • fix using windows fix it for printer and fax.
  • run combofix.
  • re-added the network printer.
  • problem FIXED.

– Reinstall FMS on pc Rahana.

delivery cpu


mula – tamat :1355-1425