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Blank Screen upon startup,solutions and suggestions;

Lately got many problems due to this faulty, for some pc its hardware faulty, for most its software faulty ( either windows or registry error due to viruses or human error (unintentional deleted));

  • hardware failure; mostly its will up to either mobo, ram, ide/sata connector or psu.
    • if there is no power at all – psu faulty.
    • if there is power, psu ON, fan ON, no screen at all ( try to feel your hd for any movement of the harddisk disk to confirm power is in , if not) – psu/mobo faulty (replaced with the best suits your current hardware’s setup, if not, new mobo normally = new psu + new RAM +new PRocessor).
    • some hardware error will make your mobo to make a beep sounds, read about it and follow the suggested solutions.
  • normally after change the faulty hardware ( in some cases your just needed to clean your RAM units), your unit will be back to normal without any other software repair.
  • if windows faulty, you’ll need to repair or to-pup your windows to update its systems to your new mobo, by doing this your data is intact ( however, do backup your data 1st before doing so, who knows…).
  • You can backup your precious data by putting your HD on ( make it as external or slave hd) other working pc.
  • If your problem is windows errors and your pc is stuck at looping or hang on logon windows you may try inserting the ubuntu cd and boot with it ( provided you set book with cd/dvd drive 1st); follow these steps ( provided by syst3m)…
    • One way that you could get access to your hard drive without Windows would be to use Ubuntu(http://www.ubuntu.com). Ubuntu is an operating system like Windows and Mac, but is free. Not only is it free but you can try it out without installing it, which is what you use inorder to access your hard drive.
      • go to; www.ubuntu.com and download the .iso file
      • burn the .iso onto a new CD-R.
      • Insert the CD into the computer, and restart it.
      • Ubuntu CD should load, don’t press anything and let it start up (you don’t want to accidently install it).
      • Once the desktop is loaded, you should see something that looks like a cross between windows and mac.
      • On the top bar, go to “Places” and look for you hard drive.
      • Once you’ve opened up the hard drives folder, you can drag and drop things that you want to back up on to an external hard drive or usb
  • if suspected error is windows file missing or virus;
    • Scan and repelled viruses on your harddisk on your other running pcs.
    • if you can access savemode, clean infected virus and try to restart.
    • repair windows installations using windows installations cd or copy manually any missing files from the other pc ( use the same windows installations cd that you used for the faulty windows).

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