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page layout research n design; iframe, switchmenu


mula-tamat: 1450-1800, 2100-2359

  • adjust default layout by add minimun height for coloum to 400px.
  • add ie best view info 1280 x 800.
  • research for best layout for services pages;
    • ssi developer ( website development resources)
    • dynamicDrive (css scripts)
    • maintaining 3 coloum layout;
      • 1st ; list of services.
      • 2nd ; services brief info.
      • 3rd ; highlight gallery of services done.
    • switchmenu;
      • switchmenu link.
        • head script kena letak atas sekali kalau tk tk jadi.
        • body switchlink boleh diletakkan dimana yg kita nk.
        • stylesheet yg digunakan boleh diletakkan di stylesheet sedia ada.
      • iframe interactions.link
        • gunakan ini untuk meletakkan target frame.
        • jadikan satu template untuk services.

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