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Monthly Archives: December 2009

troubleshoot loading error on zura pcs




  • troubleshoot pc by reassemble and cleans physical RAM.
  • checking the IDE connections.
  • reset cmos setting.
  • finally discover that front usb port connected to a usb duplicator  is the cause of the problems.
  • maybe due to limited power supply,hence,  in order to loading windows the usb duplicator must not attached to the on-board usb port during start up.
  • after the pc is successfully loading windows, the  usb duplicator can be use as normal.

wireless connections not dtected but wifi adaptor exist




  • troubleshoot wireless connections missing by reinstalling wireless adapter and searching for malware infections.
  • assisting k.Nor on creating gmail user accounts.

install software on zakaria pc, repair printer network sharing


inv. NO.:

mula – tamat: 1100 – 1215

  • install multiple software on zakaria pc.
  • repair network printer sharing on zakaria pc.

missing object error “2683” on access 07


mula-tamat: 1414-1645

  • troubleshoot on  access error. missing object on database.
  • same database is accesible by other pcs with no error.
  • combofix didnt fix the error. 
  • still googling for solutions…

pc restarts itself?


read more at this link > http://www.technibble.com

repair networking for win7, install pdfcreator, set network printer


inv.No.: 1209-17-01(4)

mula-tamat: 1230 – 1400

  • network sharing pad win7 tidak menunjukkan pc-pc yang menggunakan perisian dibawah daripada vista.
    • setkan balik sharing options pada network.
    • pastikan berada dalam networkgroup yg sama; mshome
    • pastikan encryption adalah tuk 64 bit.
    • pastikan enable sharing, network discovery. dll
    • letakkan link shorcut to database pc di desktop.
  • Repair avg conflict pada pc k.Nor;
    • uninstall dan masukkan avira+tf pada pc.
  • set network printer pada pc depan – ricoh
  • install PDF creator pada aspireOne.

win7 format on hp pavillion dv2


inv.No.: cash

mula-tamat: 2008 – 2359, 0000 – 0300

  • full format  (urgent).
  • try buat defragmentation tuk dapatkan better shrink space yet due to time constrain, we stop the process at 50%.
  • will partition next time the owner coming back from singapore.

onsite format, repair outlook email setting, troubleshoot vista loading hang on updates



mula -tamat: 1000 – 1700

  • format pc dalam cabin.
  • repair outlook email send/receiving problem;
    • taking ages to recived and send emails from outlook accounts
    • find that avg scaning applications made email recieving and sending taking too long. uninstall and change to avira to settle the problems.
  • Vista pc had problem login off, after  update windows is performed
    • Full format on-site.
  • configured outlook on new pc ,zakaria.

winodws keep looping…


inv.No.: cash

mula-tamat: 1500 – 1800

  • testing and troubleshoot RAM.
  • testing and troubleshoot harddisk.
  • …try repair windows, fail.
  • On-site Format.

blue screen error after loading windows FULL format the Aspire 4720


inv.No.: cash

mula – tamat: 0909 –

  • backup file.
  • configured and burn a slipstream sata+xp for formating , here is the guides.