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networking in windows7


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For viewing win7 from xp;

  • You need to do some tweaking. Goto Start -> Run. type gpedit.msc, select Windows Settings under Computer Configuration, select Security Settings, select Local Policies, select Security Options, go to Microsoft network client: Send unencrypted password to third-party SMB servers, set it to ENABLED.
  • Make sure you given the folder, the permission to access by everyone? right click on the folder, properties, permissions, access -> everyone! it is a stupid question asking but still, some people forget this!.

from win 7;

  • From the Start menu right-click Computer, Properties, Advanced; or Control Panel, System; then to the right of “Computer name, domain, and workgroup settings” click Change Settings, where you see the old familiar Computer Name tab, click the Change … button and assign the same name to the workgroup as you have on the other computers you want to share with (XP-wise). And have your “logon” account be the same as on the other computer[s], same password too, unless you want to play with Win7’s ‘manage credentials’ function (which I didn’t and haven’t).
  • How To Share Files Between Windows 7 and Windows XP

reference link:


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