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Monthly Archives: February 2010

windows failure, reformat Acer Travelmate 290



mula-tamat: 2000 – 0202

  • Reformat after unable to repair windows.

Harddisk failure & format for Hp dx7200

mula-tamat: 2000-0222.
  • tried to salvage and repair the hardisk by reformat and installing new windows, yet failed.
  • testing for potential mobo error by power on the cpu without the RAM module;
    • if there is NO  beep sound, most probbly  MOBO failure – MOBO,OK.
  • RAM is tested and OK.
  • used the onboard vga. we suspected the Graphic card installed was faulty.


  • Succesfully install windows with the installation of  New 320GB WesternDigital Hardisk.

How to configure and setup your new harddisk.


Ikutlaa steps pada link kat bawah untuk belajar macamana nak setkan Harddisk baru. panduan yang dibuat adalah berdasarkan menggunakan pc yang menggunakan windows xp sebagai host untuk kita setkan harddisk baru.

Its a very clear and direct guide, you should have no problem to follow the guides.

link : http://www.bay-wolf.com/setupmedbay.htm

Repair viruses


inv.no. :

mula-tamat: 2000 – 0300

  • scan harddisk externally.
  • repair windows.
  • unable to access to safemode;
    • so manually set on msconfig to restart in safemode.
    • while repairing using windows cd, pc keep restart in safemode so repairing process is hang at halfway because its needed to continue on normal mode.
    • after restart and trying all boot options  and failed, we decided to call it a day and try later.

250210. 1100-1500

  • using ubuntu 8.0 to run from CD and edit the boot.ini to remove the auto safemode startup.
  • repair process succesfull.
  • noticed that the motherboard had difficulties in detecting usb devices.

Transparent icon on desktop

Transparent Icons:

Start/Control Panel/System/Advanced/Performance/Settings/Visual Effects/”Use drop shadows for icon labels on the Desktop”


Right click the desktop and select Arrange Icons by. Towards the bottom of that list, uncheck “Lock web items on the desktop.”

Desktop Text Color:

By default in XP, it can’t be manually changed. The text changes on its own from dark to light depending on the color of the background. It is based on the Desktop color not the Wallpaper. The combo is whether or not you are using a  wallpaper and what the Desktop color is.

However…if you have Use drop shadows checked for the icon labels, the text will always be white no matter what color the background is.


Delivery for RETI


inv.no.: 1001-04-01(4)

mula-tamat: 1430-1450

deliver of good as per requested.

repair outlook & network sharing


inv.no.: 1002-22-01(3)

mula-tamat: 1300-1400

  • Repair outlook sending failure on clients pc and add network printer sharing of multiple pcs
  • outlook failure due to attachement file is to big (123MB)

renetwork printer


inv.no.: 1002-11-01(3)

mula-tamat: 1600-1730

Relocation printer and reneteork on several pcs;

  • Dayat
  • Kasma
  • MatNor
  • Norma