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Failure to acces wpa encrypted wifi on xpsp2


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mula-tamat: 1230-1420

Cannot access the preferred wireless connections suspected due to software conflict or wireless adaptors on the laptop did not support wpa ( earlier laptop versions).

  • wpa wifi password is not recognizable by windows xpsp2.
  • troubleshooting and change setting by ensure the authentication of IEEE … is uncheck, failed.
  • due to failure to connect using WPA, possibility that thewifi adapter in the laptop didn’t  supports WPA. Older adapters, prior to say 2005, may only support WEP, possibility.
  • refer to our earlier post regarding this issues,–> wpa issues.
    • solutions options;
      • install wpa upadates, problems solved.
      • install new wireless adaptors.
      • reset wifi password to wep.

One response to “Failure to acces wpa encrypted wifi on xpsp2

  1. wiizau January 11, 2011 at 12:28 pm

    Sekiranya menggunakan encryptions: wpa-psk (personal) pastikan guna algorithm: AES, kalo tidak ID tidak akan berjaya di akses pada pc xp jika mengunakan TKIP.

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