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Monthly Archives: May 2010

PC cannot on at all


inv.No.: 1005-24-01(3)

mula-tamat: 1414-1540

  • onsite testing and troubleshoot pc;
    • internet connections fails and troubleshooted resuls as the wire use is clustered and broken.
    • laptop applications error and repaired.
    • power supply not ON at all – suspected power failure.
    • unit too dusty.
    • take away psu for thorough troubleshoot and cleaning.
  • at KLIK;
    • total pc cleaning
    • psu unit replaced.
    • after jump cmos setting pc can functions as normal.
    • indepth virus and malware cleaning.

tweak for a Faster win7

wireless network resetup


Renetwork wireless network  from cabin to new building and and wireless fuctionality on 2 desktop pc’s.

  • setup and configured new locations for modem and wifi routers at new locations.
  • install , setup and configured new  wireless adaptor on 2 desktop pcs.
  • assisting on new wireless network structure and layout.

270510. 1515-1717

  • troubleshoot Fotocopy machine for network printing.

Windows 7 – device & printer panel does not load

  • Suddenly it takes ages for my windows 7 installed pc to load the device and printer window. Explorer also effected.
  • after browsing find the cause and solutions;
    • Click Start button, type “services” into the search program and files box. This brings up a list in the menu, select Services. This should open a list of local services on your system.., Find ‘Bluetooth Service” and make sure it has started, right click and set to ‘automatic’ (mine was already set), Select “Bluetooth Support Service” and start, set to automatic (mine was set on manual) .
    • link : sevenforums

Internal Keyboard on Compaq Presario V3000 series faulty


inv.No.: 1004-23-01(04)

Mula-tamat: 10.30 – 11.30

  • Dapat keyboard harini, terus pasang pada laptop.



Mula-tamat: 1530-1630

BEEP sound upon ON laptop, suspected hardware error.

troubleshoot: printer n pc




  • troubleshoot pixma i1880 printing erorr;
    • misconfigurations due to empty color cartridge.
  • Format surajit notebook and setup outlook accounts