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Monthly Archives: July 2010

raw for webs

simple network setup, format pc, sharing network printer


inv.no.: 1007-22-01(3)

mula-tamat: 1500-1730

  • pasang network ( switch 5port, 2 bared cabling)
  • printer/file sharing.
  • supply 1 optical mouse n 1 power cable.
  • format pc ( off-site).

white backgroupro

White background’s problem in web pages

vista, network places loading for ages …



mula – tamat: 1030 – 1130

  • Network acces bermasalah pd pc kak Nor, dan dibaiki dengan membuka port networking iaitu utp 138.
  • reinstall pdfcreator on pc kak Nor.
  • sharing files between kak nor and k.ma
  • pc k.ma disconected due to LAN is disable, we enable it back.

virus & malware attacked network.


mula-tamat : 1200 – 1700.

inv.no.: 1007-21-01(03)

  • hampir semua pc dijangkiti virus brontox.D.5 dan malware lain.
  • akibat viruses;
    • pc jie juga mengalami masalah yg lebih teruk, file explorer.exe hilang dan tidak beroperasi.
      • Apabila pc di On, loading seperti biasa tapi hanya mouse yang kelihatan dan skrin hitam ( mouse visible and blank screen only, winodws 7).
      • untuk kembalikan explorer.exe ; ctrl+alt+delete – Applications –  select “new task” type in explorer and press enter. you should see your background image.
  • Semua pc yg terliabat cuba dibersihkan dengan mengunakan combofix …after 30 minutes, same virus coming back ( its still exist on the pcs), to be continue tomorrow..

19.07.10: 1300 – 1715

  • install kaspersky Anti Virus trials on infected pc, to detect and clean the virus;
    • fareha, jie,norul,siti, ila, ja,su = 7 pcs
  • repair blank screen on pc k.siti.
  • install software;
    • muin – pdfcreator.

lcd problem: thin vertical lines flickering at bottom


mula – tamat :

  • HP WH maintenance offsite support  = active. 27 sept 2010
  • HP support for inital setup = expired. 26 Dec 2009
  • previous post :  delivery info.




inv. no.:

web development of www.air-ndt.com is progressing ..60%

  • switchmenu and iframe intergration on about.html.
    • all link to about us is activated.
  • dropdown menu intergration on services.html.
    • testing and aplications of drop down menu on services page.
  • image rollover on subpage for services.

internet explorer error!



inv.no.: cash

When ever i.e is trying to run error pop-up such as the following showup and it will close the i.e after we close that window.

After trying fixing using windows repair cd and reinstall  fail to solved the  error, using microsoft fix by reset the i.e solved the problem.