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Monthly Archives: December 2010

Format DELL vostro 1200 ; upgrade windows



Start-End: 22.00 – 24.00

Upgrading windows from vista to Windows7, after consulting clients due current performance issues of the laptops.

  • Only 1 big partition exist, we create another for backup partitions and for future convenient.
  • After updating windows, some conflict devices still exist ;
    • 1 device With an hardware id :ACPI\CPL0002 – this is Compal COMPAL Embedded System Control Driver can download from dell support page.
    • Audio is installed, yet only able to hear using the headfon jack – download update driver from 3rd party REALTEK from here –>filehippo

Format Netbook CSL-N1000; cant run all .exe files



mula-tamat: 7.11 – 11.10

Full format , windows faulty, loading as normal but all .exe files corrupted and cant run. Repair the .exe extensions by repair and set registry to default ( read our previos post; windows 7-can not open .exe files. after checking, we finds that all shortcut link files is corrupted so replacing each files is not effective as it will takes so much times.

Format notebook my10s-M3C



mula-tamat: 11.11 – 16.16

Full format a notebook, windows faulty, cant loading windows.  Hardware status is 256MB of RAM, 40Gb hard disk. thus, old operating system is installed.

  • We discover that the harddisk is starting to make a sounds, this is an indications of hardisk instability.
  • its difficult to find the driver for webcam and pci modem.
  • wireless devices detection range not as broad as normal laptops.
  • some power leak cos can felt little electrical shock at the edge of the notebook.

TP Link Router/Modem ADSL & Network problem



Start-End: 17.00 – 17.45

Internet connections on 1 pc is not stable and often disconnected & their TP LInk ADSL Router/Modem is suspected at fault because NO internet conections while all other indicators is ON. Currently they use old streamyx billion modem to establish internet connections.

  • Troubleshoot wired at the affected PC;
    • Repatch both ends to test patching problem –> solved the problems.
    • we also discover that some of the ports on the switch is not functioning, this is maybe due to old switch.
    • some old cable need to be replace.
  • Troubleshoot TP Link ADSL Router/Modem;

Monthly PC maintenance at CKJSB


inv.No.: 1012-27-01

Start-End: 12.30 – 14.30

monthly servis on antiviruses and pc optimizations ( 10 PCs )

  • PC optimizations on clients PCs.
  • Antivirus repair.
  • Sharing troubleshoot on syam.
    • Add network printer on syams.
  • printer applications troubleshoot on su.
    • scanner applications missings and installed.
  • troubleshoot power supply backup problem;
    • Unpleasant smells coming out of the units immediately when its turn ON , after open up the case its visibly seen that theres leakage on the battery units and we concluded that its faulty

DELL windows faulty



Start-End: 03.33 –

DELL PC blank screen, power in no display;

  • troubleshoot for hardware failure; we change cmos battery as since buy the unit ( 2005) never been replaced.
  • windows error power is OK windows not loading at all. –> Full format.
    • reinstalling same operating system that is XP.
    • current system hardware is : Pentium4 1.5Ghz,20Gb Hard disk, 512MB sdram.
  • Unit cleaning ( dust removing and reassemble hardware).

How to update kaspersky antivirus/internet security manually

As you know, there is no point in installing the best antivirus/internet security without being able to update it. Here is How to Update Kaspersky without Internet.

There is a tool called Kaspersky Updater that will download the latest updates for all kaspersky products, including the latest virus signature database and also the program components.

  1. First Download the KLUpdater.zip the Kaspersky Updater Program from the official Kaspersky forums.
  2. After downloading the updater utility, extract the contents of it in the same directory. The Updater and GUI utility must be there in the same directory. Now, start the KasperskyUpdater.exe program.
  3. From the shown option, choose Download databases for the selected products and tick the boxes corresponding to the kaspersky version you need. Now click on Apply and Start. The program will start downloading the latest updates for kaspersky.
  4. Now we need to configure Kaspersky to download the offline updates. For this, Click on Settings > Choose Update on the left pane (its My Update Center in the latest Kaspersky Version).
  5. Click on Settings button > click Add, point to the location of the Updates folder and click on OK and finally, Uncheck Kaspersky Lab’s update servers > and click OK.
  6. That’s it, Now you can successfully update Kaspersky Antivirus/ Internet Security Manually or Offline.

The Kaspersky Updater Utility takes a some time when you download the updates for the very first time, after-wards it takes only just a few minutes to download the latest updates, as the program supports incremental updates.

Now you will feel the time difference when updating kaspersky. It only takes less than a minute to update Kaspersky Offline to the latest version where as it takes upto an hour to complete the update online. So, even if you have an internet connection, following this method is a time saver.

orginal link : update-kaspersky-manually-offline

format presario v2000



mula-tamat: 4.00 – 10.00pm

  • Straight forward installations

Applications troubleshoot; office, outlook



mula-tamat: 5.15 – 11.11

DELL k.Ma;

  • Office applications problem; outlook  faulty and activations error
    • reinstall a fresh new office applications.

Netbook 1tganu;

  • Failed to run windows due to file missing; c:/windows/system32/c_1252.nls is missing
    • copy a fresh copy of the missing files from another pc by using external converter.
    • full scan to clean affected files.
    • the netbook able to boot normally afterward.

webcam applications; cyberlink youcam software for compaq, crytal eye for acer

Normally when we reformat a computer we will be able to install all the driver ( especially windows7), as for the webcam, sometimes we have to install the applications in order to enable video viewing (webcam) without have to open it through chats applications such as YM, Skype etc . The Following is the link for the applications, ( tested with windows 7);