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Desktop k.wan, full format

14.1.11.per.kak wan


Start-End: 4.15 – 21.11

Couple days earlier we repair this unit (read here), clients call back to notify other problems, we suggest to full format ( software re-installations and units cleaning & reassembly) because the unit look too dusty and software seem problematic.

Our Findings;

  • CPU units too dusty.
    • total cleaning, reassemble hardware.
  • New mobo ( just recently replace the mobo, not by us).
  • Use old PSU with the new mobo. -> advice to change to new yet the old one is still usable.
    • Got to limit the power usage by disable floppy drive and cd-ROM drive ( this unit got 2 drive, one is cd-rom and the other one is dvd/cd rw drive).
    • Got 2 IDE harddisk drive; 1(250Gb)+1(40Gb)=290Gb
  • RAM installed is DDR1, 1(256mb) + 1(512mb) = 725mb (ok too run simple program)
    • advice too upgrade by adding another 1GB.

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