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Monthly Archives: May 2011

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Start-End: 11:30-13.30

Due to server ip conflict server is not accessible by all pcs on the network, remote access also affected.

  • reset modem and set DHCP range outside the server I.P address.
  • manually find the pc which used server ip address and change it.
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File association problems

Windows 7 and vista

It happens when a bad software corrupts the registry some of your files will stop opening. Once your registry becomes corrupt, it becomes difficult to associate a file with a program.

  • some of the common cases is when all your desktop shortcuts became media player.

the fast way is using File Association Fixer, it is a free portable app that can fix the association of any particular file type. You will have to identify the type of file before using this app to repair it’s association. It is highly recommended to create a restore point before using this free little utility.

The other way is by download from the following link –> (File Association Fixes for Windows 7) your desired file associations and run as instructed to recover your broken file associations link, you may needed to restart your system in order for the solutions to take affect.