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Multiple network or unidentified network and outlook sending error


One of the newly format desktop with the following problem;

  1. Each time pc is ON or starts it won’t have internet access, and I have a second network named “Unidentified Network”. my instant and annoying solutions is by enable n disable network adapter connections each time the pc is starts.
  2. Outlook email accounts server connections becomes failed.

what we did;

  1. there’s 2 best solutions that we found that is;
    1. Assign static i.p address on the desktop.
    2. By doing the following command;
      1. run cmd.exe with administrative rights and input  ROUTE DELETE
  2. After we ensured we setup the outlook with the correct settings, we find that the error is still exist. to settle the error we uninstall the untivirus and reinstalled it back ( we reckon that the connections to server somehow is blocked by the antivirus, as we are lazy enough to checked the settings, we just reinstall it instead :0).



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