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How to Fix a Print Spooler

The print spooler helps your Windows computer interact with the printer, and orders the print jobs in your queue. If you see any error message about the print spooler, this tool has been corrupted or is failing to interact correctly with other software. You may need to try more than one method to fix the spooler.

refer th following guide for how to fix a printer spooler problems:

reference: http://www.wikihow.com/Fix-a-Print-Spooler



Sony vaio s series vpcsb28gg (13.3) Lcd issues


Issues : Lcd color starts to deteriorated as per image below, noticeable a bright light at bottom both conner and the color is not even.

Suspected issues : lcd inverter or lcd panel.



Kaspersky Internet Security – Network sharing Firewall enable setting

Interestingly today, somebody (now we are friends) asked for a favor regarding his network issues due to antivirus applications.

Sometimes after you install a paid and robust security applications such as Kaspersky Internet Security your network file sharing become unsuccessful, yet, after you disable or uninstall it your sharing file is successfully access. thing to consider;

  1. Your connected to the same network –  ensure connected thru cable/wired or wireless.
  2. Local File n Network sharing at your PC – ensure to enable file n printer sharing on each network
  3. other pc also enable file n network sharing.
  4. Your Internet Security firewall network setting – ensure your firewall allow and set your local network as trusted ; here to see kaspersy guide
  5. Now you should be OK- hehehe


Setup new NAS at small office

NAS  : Synology ds214+ (2bay) +3 Tb Wd Red label Hdisk.

Router : TP-LINK T-8970

Installations as per given user guide with stock firmware on the new router. We also install standards recommended apps by synology.

NAS will benefits the company on controlling data shared based on user and group also implementing centralize data storage, NAS also enable user to access remotely from outside the local network.

Standard network structure: NAS->router<->switch-> other pcs

After 2 weeks, user complaint of surfing lag they noted that due to the NAS installations, other pc connections to Internet become to slow. Today, we did amendment as follows to see effects to Internet surfing by other devices;

  1. upgrade the router firmware.
  2. set DNS server to google (
  3. off DHCP Server at NAS and assign fix ip outside the dhcp pool that is ( and DNS to google.
  4. disable all apps at NAS especially the cloud services.
  5. set connections using HTTP instead of HTTPS.
  6. assign scheduled off/restart daily at 0200-0300 NAS

Look forward to clients comments after couple of days. If the connections is improving, we will start to reenable other apps on synology. We also notice that the existing network structure can be improve by changing other device such as the switch,network cable and by the use of static ip on all connected devices.

As for wifi coverage, the new router already solved the coverage connections at the most far room by in proving the strength from 1 bar to 3 bar, if this to be improve, we will suggest the use of range extender adaptor that can be plug into power socket ( no cabling needed).


How to delete saved passwords for network drives in Windows

Ever wondering how to delete saved/remember sharing drive password so that you able to login with different user like below;


This is how to clear your credentials to change user , type the following code; run -> control keymgr.dll






Netbook 1 malaysia support

For Natsys netbook 1 malaysia support page go to following link;
http://www.natsys.com.my/support.html or

Format Compaq Presario V3000


Pc Slow, hang and took more time to process each tasks, infected with so many viruses. the original operating systems is Vista, instead of cleaning the virus and repair the os, we suggest to use  the latest operating system that is more stable and faster.

After installing the more stable windows that is windows 7 , there is only one driver that is not recognize by the system that is the Ricoh Card reader – we download from official support page ( the vista driver).

We also install the more reliable antivirus (Kaspersky Antivirus).

Streamyx backup dns

Always experience the dreadful downtime of Streamyx default DNS? Here is the list of TMNet Streamyx Backup DNS server. It might be useful if the usual DNS server ‘mysteriously’ stopped working :
Remember, copy and put it in a safe place in case if you need it afterwards, it might be handy.

virus an malware infections



Start-End: 19:30-10.30

Virus and malware infections


  • PC become hang, performance slow
  • Mouse not detected.

Suspected Cause;

  • Antivirus not active


  • scan with combofix in safemode.
  • activate and update antivirus.