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On-site support: software repair


C: AMJ Technique

  • Repair software conflicts
  • Malware removal.

Cannot open the Outlook window error

When trying to start Outlook, I get the following error; “Cannot start Microsoft Outlook. Cannot open the Outlook window.”

How can I recover and start Outlook again?

While there are various reasons for this to occur, some post Office 2007 Service Pack 2 updates seems to cause this error for certain configurations but it can also occur in Outlook 2003, Outlook 2010 and Outlook 2013.

In these instances, the configuration file for the Navigation Pane gets corrupted and prevents Outlook from starting successfully.

To recover, you can start Outlook with the resetnavpane switch;

  • Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8
    Start-> type; outlook.exe /resetnavpane
  • Windows XP
    Start-> Run; outlook.exe /resetnavpane

Please note the space between outlook.exe and /resetnavpane.

While the above method currently applies to most cases where this issue is experienced, as mentioned earlier, there could be other causes for this to happen as well.

If you are still experiencing the issue after applying this fix you can try these troubleshooting steps or post in the Outlook forums.

Executing the resetnavpane switch for Outlook on Windows 7
Executing the resetnavpane switch for Outlook on Windows 7


Reference : credit to the original post from  https://www.msoutlook.info/question/268  , repost for future reference.



Preventive maintenance-CKJ/KSB/1610

On-site preventive pc maintenance (software and applications).
By implimenting preventive maintenance, it can reduce major breakdown of computers due to software and applications problem, malware and spyware also cleaned in the process.

Possibility of windows/os faulty is also reduced.

Wanted to do your own maintenance?here is our recommended software:

  • Malwarebytes-anti malware.
  • Superantispyware.
  • Ccleaner.

160114 : troubleshoot pc,

Client : Tanjung

status pc: pc bleh on, tp mati slepas 5 minit.
Servis ram dn troubleshoot didapati;
– cpu unit trlalu brhabuk trutama di fan processor dn unit fan.
– cmos battery dh kene gnti.
– slps ram dicuci, pc boleh on dn still on sampai skrg
– harddisk visually check still ok.
– kalo mati lg..full cpu cleaning is advisable.
– other hardware problem leh detect lps tu.




How to enable install mobile apps onto your PCs

as per mentions above and searching the web, i believed there’s some one out there already did this, i find that the best way to do this by installing the BlueStacks App Player for Windows. I already successfully installed and use it.

to know how, follow this link; http://features.en.softonic.com/how-to-use-whatsapp-on-windows.


How to dual boot ubuntu and windows ( ubuntu 12.04)

my current adventure,currently on the way to test ubuntu as my future options.read about it here.

Notebook HP G42 – hardidsk problem

Date: 12.12.24

name : faisal

Issues :

  •  Windows loading is taken to long and mostly not load at all.


  • Troubleshoot hardisk for problem –  Failed consistency test.
  • Hardisk reading i/o problem.
  • Backup data of a 6Gb takes up to 1 hours.


  • Replace with NEW hard-disk – Format new windows.

Kancil Maintenance Log – DAY 4939

Maintenance Log  info for kancil EZi 850 starting from July 2012; Price Reference :

Grand Total :  RM 1307.41

Date Details RM Locations
  • termostart,radiator- RM65.000
  • gasket head – RM70
65.00 Bengkel Nik, kemaman. Air radiator bocor dkt smbungan pipe radiator engine, area termostart.minyak leaking area head, try tukor gasket head tengok cmne,pasni. Masalah mnyk itam kene topup secara kerap still ada.
  • Minyak itam (bhp)- RM58.00
  • Filter – RM10
  • Upah – RM10
  • GST – RM4.70
82.70 Bengkel kemaman sum brother auto, kemaman
  • Ac ventilation outlet (3unit)- RM75.00
  • GST – RM4.50
79.50 cukai utama auto parts SDN.bhd, Tmn chukai utama,kemaman
  • Minyak itam (bhp)- RM50.00
  • Filter – RM10
  • Upah – RM10
  • GST – RM4.20
74.20 Bengkel kemaman sum brother auto, kemaman
  • Minyak itam, lubrimaxx
  • Filter
  • Upah
  • Km berikut (5000Km) = 152100
70.00 Bengkel Alik,Batu Hitam
  • Tyre Puncure – right rear
6.00 CLT Tyre & Auto Service, Beserah (depan Mercedes auto)
  • Alignment front and back, RM40.00
  • Wheel Balancing all tyre, RM20.00
  • On Wheel Balancing (2 tyre front), RM16.00
76.00 CLT Tyre & Auto Service, Beserah.(depan Mercedes auto)
  • Batteri (Dry)
  • Next Services (1 year) = Nov 2013
175.00 Island Motor ELectrical services, Jln beserah.
  • Minyak Auto (1 liter) = (RM28.00 x 3 = RM84
  • Filter+gasket = RM55.00
  • Upah = RM35.00
  • Km berikut(30000Km) = 171555
174.00 Bengkel Alik,Batu Hitam
  • Minyak itam, lubrimaxx = RM50.00
  • Gasket = RM30.00
  • Filter = RM10.00
  • Upah = RM30.00
  • Km berikut (7000Km) = 147555
120.00 Bengkel Alik,Batu Hitam
  • Tyre Puncure – left rear
6.00 CLT Tyre & Auto Service, Beserah (depan Mercedes auto)
  • Add 1 “Surbo” unit with intentions to achieves better pickup and fuel economic (10% less) as claim by the installer.
40.00 mat abg ed,Kemaman
  • Alignment front and back, RM40.00
  • Wheel Balancing all tyre, RM20.00
  • On Wheel Balancing (2 tyre front), RM16.00
  • Chamber adjusting (2 front tyre) RM 40.00 (reason; front tyre chamber is misaligned as a result of heavy bump hits.
116.00 CLT Tyre & Auto Service, Beserah (depan Mercedes auto)
  • change 2 front tyre (2nd hand, tyre date : 0112,) RM200.00
  • Change 2 tyre tube, RM10.00
  • Change engine oil+filter RM95.00
300.00 SLS Tyre Services, Beserah -silverstone

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start outlook automatically when PC start

follow the following guides to set outlook auto start with pc