On-Site I.T Services Blog

"let us asisst you…"


Please considered these 1st:

  • Our services is offered on Cash Term ( Cash On Delivery, Cash in Advanced for hardware replacement)
  • Our price may change without prior notice, do contact us for confirmations.
  • We prefer a walk-in customer as its will give you the most discounts.
  • We prefer you subscribe to our services packages as it  will benefits you in the long run ( on maintenance cost reductions and early detections of hardware failure).
  • We serve on-site customer within 20Km radius from our premise/Service Center we believed its not practical and cost effective to serve customer outside the range unless you agreed to the extra cost.
  • 10% discount for a walk-in customers to our premise/Service Center (only on maintenance related services)
  • 5% discount f0r repeat customers to our premise/Service Center (only on maintenance related services)
  • We do welcome other sorts of customers (do contact us 1st, we will work-out together on how to serve you best within your means…)
  • Just confirms to use our services  and you already entitle a discounts (5% discount for 1st time customers on maintenance related services).
  • Basically our standard Hourly charge is RM60.00 anything less than half hour is charge at RM 30.00


  • Expected charge between RM 30.00RM 50.00 per units.
    • System optimization and updates.
    • PC cleanup.
    • PC Accelerations.
    • PC security Optimizer.
    • PC repair.
    • PC Cleaning.
    • Anti-Virus Updates.


  • Expected charge between RM 30.00RM 80.00 per units.
    • FULL system Format.
    • Software repair (hourly rate).
    • Network/General Troubleshoot (hourly rate).
    • Software installations (hourly rate).
    • File backup.
    • On demand + On-Site Technical Assistant (hourly rate).

Ask for our Quotations:

  • Network Installations & Setup ( wired or wireless).
  • CC management & setup.
  • PC maintenance Package.
  • WEB Administrator package.
  • Hardware replacement will due to market price + installations charge.

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