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I got a Mail Delivery Failure notice for a message I did not send

If you’re receiving Mail Delivery Failure notices for messages you are sure you did not send, there may be two causes:

1. Your computer has been infected by a virus that is sending emails from your address without your knowledge.
2. A spammer is forging your email address for the spam they’re generating. Email addresses are forged in order to disguise the actual origin of the message. In almost all cases of forgery, the message is sent from a different location and not from your email account and/or email service.

In both these cases, the messages are sent to random email addresses, that are placed in the To:, Cc:, or Bcc: fields. If the recipient email address happens to be valid, they’ll receive the spam/ email fraud. However, if the recipient email address is invalid, you’ll receive a Mail Delivery Failure notification.

If you receive a Mail Deliver Failure notice but have not sent any messages, please take the following steps to check your computer:

1. Change your account password to something more secure. Use a password that is easy for you to remember but difficult for other people to guess. Avoid using birthdays or children’s names, and instead, think of a line from an old movie or song and use the first letter of each word. Use both letter and number combinations with at least 6 characters.

2. Run a Virus Scan and remove any infections. Make sure that you have installed the latest updates for your anti-virus program, then run a complete system scan to identify and remove any virus or malicious program. If you currently don’t have an anti-virus program installed in your system or if your subscription for regular updates has already expired,

Credit to original Post by; https://help.netzero.net/nzhelp/support-home-page/service-help/online-security/security-tips/mail-delivery-notice-for-a-message-i-did-not-send/

Cannot open the Outlook window error

When trying to start Outlook, I get the following error; “Cannot start Microsoft Outlook. Cannot open the Outlook window.”

How can I recover and start Outlook again?

While there are various reasons for this to occur, some post Office 2007 Service Pack 2 updates seems to cause this error for certain configurations but it can also occur in Outlook 2003, Outlook 2010 and Outlook 2013.

In these instances, the configuration file for the Navigation Pane gets corrupted and prevents Outlook from starting successfully.

To recover, you can start Outlook with the resetnavpane switch;

  • Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8
    Start-> type; outlook.exe /resetnavpane
  • Windows XP
    Start-> Run; outlook.exe /resetnavpane

Please note the space between outlook.exe and /resetnavpane.

While the above method currently applies to most cases where this issue is experienced, as mentioned earlier, there could be other causes for this to happen as well.

If you are still experiencing the issue after applying this fix you can try these troubleshooting steps or post in the Outlook forums.

Executing the resetnavpane switch for Outlook on Windows 7
Executing the resetnavpane switch for Outlook on Windows 7


Reference : credit to the original post from  https://www.msoutlook.info/question/268  , repost for future reference.



Multiple network or unidentified network and outlook sending error


One of the newly format desktop with the following problem;

  1. Each time pc is ON or starts it won’t have internet access, and I have a second network named “Unidentified Network”. my instant and annoying solutions is by enable n disable network adapter connections each time the pc is starts.
  2. Outlook email accounts server connections becomes failed.

what we did;

  1. there’s 2 best solutions that we found that is;
    1. Assign static i.p address on the desktop.
    2. By doing the following command;
      1. run cmd.exe with administrative rights and input  ROUTE DELETE
  2. After we ensured we setup the outlook with the correct settings, we find that the error is still exist. to settle the error we uninstall the untivirus and reinstalled it back ( we reckon that the connections to server somehow is blocked by the antivirus, as we are lazy enough to checked the settings, we just reinstall it instead :0).



Outlook emails backup and restorations



Start-End: 16.35 – 17.40

On-site outlook emails backup and restore for clients on other media ( pendrive).

Applications troubleshoot; office, outlook



mula-tamat: 5.15 – 11.11

DELL k.Ma;

  • Office applications problem; outlook  faulty and activations error
    • reinstall a fresh new office applications.

Netbook 1tganu;

  • Failed to run windows due to file missing; c:/windows/system32/c_1252.nls is missing
    • copy a fresh copy of the missing files from another pc by using external converter.
    • full scan to clean affected files.
    • the netbook able to boot normally afterward.

Repair outlook error on dell vostro 1200



mula-tamat: 1111-1313,1530-1700, 2000-2343

  • troubleshoot outlook …
  • finally at klik, outlook program start up asking for exchange server acount configurations on office 2007 hence resulting fail to login.
    • downgrade to outlook 2003, then upgrade to 2007, successfull.
    • performance tweak.
  • upgrade antivirus versions.

onsite format, repair outlook email setting, troubleshoot vista loading hang on updates



mula -tamat: 1000 – 1700

  • format pc dalam cabin.
  • repair outlook email send/receiving problem;
    • taking ages to recived and send emails from outlook accounts
    • find that avg scaning applications made email recieving and sending taking too long. uninstall and change to avira to settle the problems.
  • Vista pc had problem login off, after  update windows is performed
    • Full format on-site.
  • configured outlook on new pc ,zakaria.

outlook 2007, install av protections ( av+tf+autor), performance tweak



Mula – tamat: 1530 – 1500

  • ms O07 on Jan.
  • Outlook setup on jan.
  • performance tweak and virus repelled on jan;
    • crscs.exe
    • autorun.
    • combofix to clean other malware.

restore and migrate your outlook express emails data to outlook2007

Follow the link for details+ilustrative on how to migrate from your existing outlook express to outlook 2007 without loosing your data.

  1. Open the Outlook 2007 Startup Wizard. Click Next.
  2. At the Account Configuration page, it reads “You can configure Outlook to Connect to Internet Email, Microsoft Exchange, or other Email server. Would you like to configure an Email account?” Select NO. Click Ne
  3. At the Cancel Configuration page, check the Continue with no email support checkbox. Click Finish.
  4. Outlook 2007 opens. Click on File, Import and Export.
  5. At the Import and Export Wizard, select Import Internet Mail and Addresses. Click Next.
  6. Select Outlook Express 4.x, 5.x, 6.x or Windows Mail. Check Import Mail and Import Address Book checkboxes. Click Next.
  7. At the Import Addresses dialog box, select Do not import duplicate items. Click Finish.
  8. Import Progress dialog bar appears.
  9. When Complete, Import Summary appears. Click OK.

link: Migrating from Outlook Express to Microsoft Outlook 2007.

cmos battery failure, outlook setup n eprocurement setting



Mula-tamat: 1535-1707

  • discussions on website development.
  • setup outlook account and checking petronas e-procurement certificate conflict on laptop mr.zairo.
  • outlook setup on desktop ckj;
    • finds thats the cmos battery on dell cpu is faulty- using the other existing ( currently not in use) mobo cmos battery as a temporary solutions. Will replace with a new one later on.
    • office applications use on dell pc is the 2000 versions, will replace with the more recent applications later on.