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This is an overhaul

A 5 year old laptop, the task sound so simple, “change the expired CMOS Battery”.. yet look the true stories behind it..

Format Compaq Presario V3000


Pc Slow, hang and took more time to process each tasks, infected with so many viruses. the original operating systems is Vista, instead of cleaning the virus and repair the os, we suggest to use  the latest operating system that is more stable and faster.

After installing the more stable windows that is windows 7 , there is only one driver that is not recognize by the system that is the Ricoh Card reader – we download from official support page ( the vista driver).

We also install the more reliable antivirus (Kaspersky Antivirus).

On-site support; PC format, networking and Applications repair


Inv.No.: 1106-14-01

Start-End: 10:30-17.30

Perform onsite format 2 pcs, network troubleshooting and repiar applications problem at clients.

  • Format 2 desktop pc.
    • Both had too many conflicted applications, windows error keep pop up, applications crash, performance declined.
  • Repair applications problem.

PSU faulty on Desktop HP Compaq D220 MT minitower



Start-End: 11.15 – 1.11

Onsite troubleshoot PC;

  • PC has No power at all – suspected PSU faulty.
  • Transfer Data from faulty PC to Dell PC for backup.

Start-end: 1600-1159

Offsite details service;

  • Total CPU cleaning and reassemble  hardware.
  • Replace New PSU.
  • Intall missing Driver and optimise PC
    • current RAM = 256MB  –> advice to upgrade atleast up to 1Gb and will be able to run windows 7
    • Processor = intel pentium 4
    • driver link.

Add new wireless adaptor to PC & Performance tweak.



Start-End: 15.40 – 16.30

Upgrade Desktop;

  • Add wireless usb adaptor to desktop pc and network it to the existing network.
  • a new mouse.
  • performance tweak on the desktop and instaling new antivirus.

Outlook emails backup and restorations



Start-End: 16.35 – 17.40

On-site outlook emails backup and restore for clients on other media ( pendrive).

On-site support; Add RAM and performance tweak

22.01.11.per.tg azman


starts-end: 16.30 – 17.40

Upgrade Computer performance;

  • ADD 1GB DDR RAM to existing 256Mb RAM system.
  • Performance tweak the units for better operational.

On-site support: asiajuta


Inv.No.: 1101-13-01(3)

Start-End: 11.15 – 13.33

On-site support for clients on IT related problem.

  • Applications installations on Newly buy PC.
  • Outlook setup.
  • Printer & Network setup for new PC.
  • QnE clients installations and setup.

On-site assitant for CKJKSB



Start-End: 11.15 – 15.11, 20.00 – 03.03

  • Suddenly wireless adaptor became disable even after reinstall/diable/enable …still not working; (siti)
    • this is how we settle the problem, uninstall your wireless adaptor, uninstall your antivirus and reinstall your wireless adaptor first then your antivirus.
  • Applying encryption to existing wireless facilites to control wireless user.
  • assisting regarding access control of their MYOB.
  • repair outlook accounts on k.ida laptop.
  • troubleshoot laptop for performance problem – we take in for offsite format (mat).

Windows Crash, suddently cant load looping at loading

11.01.11.per.kak wan


Start-End: 15.45 – 18.11

windows faulty due to operating system crash this is due to virus/spyware. Fortunatelya able to load using safemode;

  • run a specific virus and malware repeller program ( combofix) and delete all infected virus.
  • repair windows file using installations cd.
  • check CPU for dust and any suspicious performance downfall, we also clean the RAM and system Fan.