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Monthly Archives: November 2010

how to create,mount & burn iso images files for free

Read from the following link for details;

Create iso :

Burn iso:

create a bootable flash drive (pendrive/thumbdrive) for windows installations

This is a very usefull guides for those netbook user whom didnt have an external cd/dvd rom to perform formating process of their netbooks, hence, we provide the followings links on how to do just that, do read them, thanks for the post from the original publisher;

Read the following guides to create a bootable flash drive;

updated : 12.10.2010;

This is the faster way of creating a bootble usb using a program called A bootble usb ( ABUSB.exe), after installing the program just follows the easy steps as follow;

  1. check the usb is attached or not.
  2. format the attaced usb.
  3. choose the dvd or iso image.
  4. start the process of creating a bootble usb. ..

you can download the program here –> http://mylittlesoft.blogspot.com/

Windows vista n seven;

Windows xp;

Additionally,you can read the following link  on how to create, burn and mount iso image ( using free software).

PDF to words freeware desktop & online program reviewer

Cari driver webcam yang tidak berjenama, try this..

Ada sesetengah webcam atau pc camera yang tidak memiliki jenama, lantas susah kt nk cari drivernya kan? berikut adalah artikel yang bagus untuk mengenalpasti driver yang sesuai untuk pc camera anda. terima kasih buat tuanpunya blog ini ; http://gochinboy.wordpress.com dan link kepada post berkaitan adalah seperti berikut;

Services; office applications, printer sharing


inv.no.: 1011-02-01(3)

mula-tamat: 12.00-13.30

  • install office applications on Nadan.
  • install printer sharing.


PC services; repair antivirus,tweak,outlook


inv.No.: 1011-02-02(3)

mula-tamat: 14.00 – 15.30

  • repair antivirus protections on 7 pcs ( sue,ja.norul,ila,alia,ha.siti) and performance tweak.
  • repair outlookon 2 pcs