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Monthly Archives: November 2017

Convert MBR to GPT during windows installation

When you are prompted error to install windows due to disk format is not in GPT, follow the following guide.

Convert MBR to GPT during Windows installation using comand prompt

1) During installation, press Shift + F10 to open command prompt window
2) Type Diskpart into cmd window.
3) Type list disk. Make note of the disk number you want to delete or convert.
4) Now type select disk DiskNumber. By using this command you select the drive in which you want to any operation.
5) Now type clean.
6) Running the clean command will delete all partitions or volumes on the disk.
7) At the command prompt, type convert gpt. It will convert the selected drive into GPT.





This is an overhaul

A 5 year old laptop, the task sound so simple, “change the expired CMOS Battery”.. yet look the true stories behind it..

New router : TP-LINK AC1750 (C7) to replace aging router.

New router installation and setup. Setup is not as straightforward as i thought, unifi setup is failed even after double check with TM UNIFI the correct username and password.

Last resort, i call tp-link malaysia help center,¬† I need to set the iptv setting ( tick all options, set mode to “malaysia-unifi” and set igmp proxy from v2 to v3) before setup the internet using¬† “quick setup”…and Done, task completed.



Reformat laptop

Reformat laptop.

  • Backup data.
  • Straight forward installation.
  • Existing hardware is OK, future upgrade the RAM module is recommended, currently running with 2GB RAM.P_20171101_190432.jpg